fia credit cardHave you heard of the FIA credit card, or the FIA credit card online? If you are like most individuals you may not have heard of the FIA credit card, what it has to offer you and how it operates. The FIA credit card is part of the Bank of America, a banking institution that many individuals have heard of. These credit cards have been in existence for such a long time, but under a different name. One of the distinctions of the FIA card, is that it was the first of its kind to let card holders put their favorite sports team on their card, to make it personal. This trend of personalizing a credit card has caught on like gang busters, and the FIA card was the ring leader of the bunch.

Where to Get FIA credit card

Bank of American has had the FIA credit card for almost six years. The FIA credit card is really a list of credit cards offered by many of the major banking institutions in the world today. There are several well-known banks who offer their credit cards to customers via the FIA name. Some of them are; Chase Bank with their Chase Freedom card and the Slate card and Discover, with several cards under this grouping.

One of the best features of any FIA credit card is the ability to use online services to manage your account. To be able to do this every credit card customer must register their FIA card first, and then they will be able to navigate the website. After registering the card, the user will find the FIA credit card login. This login consists of private information known only to you and not to the company. The login will consist of a user name and password that will give you entry into the entire system. The online system will enable any credit card holder to sign up to receive all monthly statements via the online system and eliminate all paper statements. The site will also send an email notification to your personal email address when a payment is due or a statement is ready to be viewed.

FIA Credit Card Rewards

There are also FIA credit card rewards available to most consumers. This part of the FIA network is called FIA World point. This is a no cost program for card holders. When you shop and use any of the FIA cards in this network, you are awarded different levels of points, depending upon where you use your credit card. There are points to be added for restaurant purchases, clothing, travel, etc. These points can add up to great discounts on cruise vacation trips and many other items. Points can also accumulate that will allow the card holder to have a trip completely paid for, just by shopping and eating out. FIA credit card customer service representatives can help you determine what your points can purchase.

Early on, it was not possible to pay FIA credit cards online, but with more advances to the FIA website, this is not only possible, but preferable for many customers.

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