It would seem that the fiacardservices franchise has become something of a bogeyman and even a dirty world within American society, as a record and ever increasing number of frustrated and aggrieved customers have sought legal action against the company on a variety of different grounds.

The complaints range in severity from the petty and pedantic, such as the customer support team taking longer periods of time to return phone calls and other communications made by customers than what has been advertised on their literature, to more severe allegations.

Some of the more troubling allegations that have been launched against the fiacardservices group include the likes of:

1) Fraudalent withdrawal of funds from the checking accounts of customers without their consent

The FIA card services world points can be access, online, through the website This website will walk any FIA credit card holder through all of the rewards that any card holder can access and use to do any number of things, such as; earn gift cards, receive discounts on travel or on shopping, etc.

fia credit cardHave you heard of the FIA credit card, or the FIA credit card online? If you are like most individuals you may not have heard of the FIA credit card, what it has to offer you and how it operates. The FIA credit card is part of the Bank of America, a banking institution that many individuals have heard of. These credit cards have been in existence for such a long time, but under a different name. One of the distinctions of the FIA card, is that it was the first of its kind to let card holders put their favorite sports team on their card, to make it personal. This trend of personalizing a credit card has caught on like gang busters, and the FIA card was the ring leader of the bunch.

FIA card services payment are available to anyone who currently holds an active and open FIA credit card. FIA credit cards are a family of different cards operated under the Bank of America. This banking institution houses several cards which are incorporated under one particular card model. This model may be familiar to some individuals, as the FIA credit cards were the first ones to allow consumers to put their favorite college or professional team right on their own personal credit card. Whichever FIA credit card is located in your wallet, take some time to consider maintaining your credit card account via the FIA card services payment system. It does not take much time at all, to locate the site, enter all of the required information and have immediate access to many different online tools. One of these is the ability to pay for your monthly charges online.

Ibsnetaccess is a means to access your credit card statements online by logging onto This website is one operated by the Bank of America and allows a credit card holder with an account through Bank of America to be able to log on to ibsnetaccess and keep track of all of their credit card purchases and payments. Many credit card companies have online website that are offered to their customers for their convenience, however, a large number of these website are not user friendly. Some of them are very hard to navigate around and can lead to a large amount of frustration.

The FIA family of credit cards offered through the Bank of America maintains a credit card online website with a FIA Card Services home page at Although many credit card customers still receive their monthly statements through the mail, more and more card holders are choosing to get all of their information regarding their specific FIA credit card through the online services provided to each and every credit card holder.